Loewengroup (Holding) Ltd.

Loewengroup (Holding) Ltd. is active through its subsidiaries in the fields of wealth management, management of precious metals and commodities trading.

In the wealth management field the company Loewencommodities Ltd. in Wollerau offers the entire spectrum of asset management services for discerning individual clients; independent and tailored to their particular requirements.

Furthermore we offer to our clients the management of physically held precious metals. In the commodities trading field, we have not merely wide-ranging contacts, but also excellent relationships with producers and consumers through the company Loewencommodities Ltd. with domicile in Wollerau, whereby our core expertise includes oil and petroleum products, as well as precious metals

Swiss Value Services Ltd., based in Vaduz, is issuing precious metal products exclusively for the European Market (EU). Swiss Value Services is responsible for product design, concept and sales of all precious metal products.